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AU- Amy Pond is Lydia’s Aunt and when Amy tells Lydia about her adventures with the Doctor Lydia thinks she might understand what Lydia’s going through concerning the Supernatural.

Amy looked at the wolf man lying on the grass in her front garden with a quizzical expression and then at her niece with a slight scowl, Lydia had kept this from her. Of all the things to keep from her, Amy thought this would be something Lydia would have brought to her. Amy was after all a time traveler with experience in weird. Lydia knew that…so why hadn’t she called when these werewolf’s had first appeared.

"…Aunt Amy," Lydia’s face held a serious expression and she half yelled, "say something!"

Amy raised her eyebrows, “Does your mother know?”

Lydia bit her lip, “Define know." she said drawing out the word the way she did when she was trying to get away with something.

Amy crossed her arms trying to be an adult, but when she opened her mouth to be serious a jumble of giggles fell out, she was thinking of what the Doctor would do in this situation which was probably saying something clever and then danceing around the creature until it got dizzy and passed out, taht just made Amy laugh more.

After a few seconds she compoised herself to find Lydia looking at her with just a little bit of concern.

"So," Amy said looking back out at the creature and raising her eyebrows, "werewolf’s?"

"Almost everyone I know." Lydia replied a hell of a lot more serious than Amy was being.

Amy nodded slightly, “Okay…” she glanced over at Lydia, “looks like I have a call to make.”

Lydia let out a small sigh accompanied by a tiny giggle, and then looked back out at Issac who was laying on the lawn totally wolfed out breathing heavily from chasing off the other alphas, “Looks like you do.” she whispered, “Call your ‘Rageddy Man’ I’m gonna go make sure he’s okay,” she nodded towards Issac, and began down the steps, “oh and Amy…thanks for this.”

Amy smiled, “Anytime, chasing aliens is kind of my specialty. Now go check on your little wolf, I’ll tell Rory to come look at him, yeah?”

"Don’t bother he’ll be fine."

"Hmm? Lydia he’s pretty banged up…maybe Rory should—" she was interrupted by a males very attractive American accent.

"Lydia…" the boy said pushing himself to his feet, "Where’s Scott?"

Amy’s eyes widened, “Did I mention they heal fast?” Lydia said looking from Issac to Amy.

"Nope." Amy said her Scottish accent blazing up, "I’m gonna go make that call now…" she said looking at the now healed boy in confusion.

"You do that." Lydia said with a small smile moving towards Issac.

"Who’s the red head?" Issac said  when Amy closed the door.

"My aunt, she has a very special friend who can help us." Lydia said surely, smiling at Issac, and feeling a little less like she was hiding…


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Clara looked down at the ribbon tied box in front of her and glanced back up at Caroline nervously. Caroline nodded excitedly for Clara to open her present, she knew Clara hated birthdays and presents  but she and the Doctor had worked so hard to find this present. It was the perfect gift.

Clara smiled, and Caroline bit her lip as Clara lifted the lid and glanced down at the item in the decorative box.

"No!" Clara exclaimed her mouth forming a surprised "o", she looked back down at the present. "Really? How?" when she looked back up she was beaming.

The Doctor gave her a goofy smile and nodded for Caroline, “Do you like it?” Caroline asked still a little nervous.

"Of course! Yes! I love it! It’s the only thing I wanted, but how?"

"Lots and lots of hard work." the Doctor assured Clara.

Caroline let out a sigh of relief and smiled, “I’m glad you like it!”

"I love it!" Clara laughed looked back into the box and smiled even bigger than before covering her excited face with her hands and squealing like a child who’d just gotten her dream toy. In all honesty Clara had just gotten her dream toy, "I still don’t know how you even did this! You said they were hard to find, Doctor? How did you manage one?"

The Doctor smirked, “Like I said lots of work, but you know me I’m impressive. I impress it’s what I do and I sure as hell couldn’t have you not being impressed, that’d be quite a disappointment on my part!”

Caroline rolls her eyes.

“Oh alright, Caroline did it! But I helped!”

“He drove.” Caroline corrected.

“I did not—I mean I did, but I—I…you shoulda tried findin it without my help! You’d never have found it.”

She rolls her eye again, “Did I ever tell you I used to plan the most amazing parties back in Mystic Falls? And I always give the best gifts. I was even able to give Damon Salvatore a kind of bourbon he didn’t own. That may not seem like much, but trust me Damon and bourbon are as one and finding one he didn’t have took Elena to keep him out of his stash and an eight hour drive to Rhode Island. This was a piece of cake.”

Clara just sat there smiling down at her gift and then at the two of them, “I just love it! It’s so perfect. Thanks so much!” she says finally looking away from the gift and placing it beside her so she could give them both hugs.

“Happy Birthday, Oswin!” Caroline heard The Doctor whispered in her ear, it was his name for her for some reason.

“Happy Birthday, Clar!” she said when it was her turn.

“I guess I don’t get to repay the favor huh?”

“Just because I don’t age doesn’t mean I don’t have a birthday and I expect great things from you, Clara Oswald.”

“Nothing is as great as my gift.”

“Mine is better.” The Doctor teased.

“Please.” Clara said with an eye roll.

“Mine is green!”

“Mine is blue!”

“Mine is amazing!”

“So is mine!”

“Well mine saved your life.”

She smirked, “I’m sure it won’t be the last time,” She pulled her very own sonic screwdriver out of the box, “but I don’t think you’ll have to wait very long for mine to save you.” She tossed it up and caught it, “Now Queen of Parties, what do you have planned for today?”

“You’ll see.” She winked and the Doctor began pressing buttons and running wildly around the console, “I promise you’ll be able to use your screwdriver. I’ve been promised its epic.”

“That’s because it is.” The Doctor promised, “Ready?”

“Ready.” The two girls say in unison. Time for a new adventure. 


"Who are you?" Caroline asked the mysterious little brunette in front of her. The one who seemed to be really sure about everything…

She looked away seeming to think for a moment, “Not sure.” she murmured  before cracking an excited smile, “Not yet anyway.”

"So, you don’t know who you are?’ Caroline tried her hand at her best that-sucks face, and glanced down at Clara, "Doesn’t that scare you?"

"It used to…" she says looking away, "but now it’s just exciting. Since I found the Doctor…I don;t know everything’s less scary and more…infatuating."

Caroline nods as Clara explains. This girl who had no idea what she was or who she was was perfectly fine belonging to two different names and having many pasts and she wasn’t even scared…maybe it was the Doctor who’d done that maybe that was what he did? Save people. That was great…just not for her. And well she was intrigued by this mysterious girl with a cockney accent she had to go. She nodded at Clara and started off. 

That was when Clara said from behind her, “I know you’ve been scared. Like me…maybe you’d like to join us in a fear free adventure?” Clara offered. 

"Fear free?"

"Well no promises I just promise you’ll stop thinking of home."

Caroline exhales, “I could use a vacation.”

"Come on then." she jerks her head towards a magical blue box that’s suddenly appeared. "Time to mean the Doctor, Caroline Forbes."


"Caroline?" He called from behind. He hadn’t seen his little sister in over a 1000 years and she still looked just as he remembered. 

She turned not knowing who was behind her just remembering the faintly familiar voice. She met the person with a smile that faded all too quickly when she saw who it was.


"H-how…?" she stammered her eyes wide in disbelief. He was alive. 1000 years later and here he was in front of her eyes filled with hopeful tears, he looked just like he had last, other than his clothes. Caroline drew back a sob. Then the tears came, flooding from her eyes like a waterfall. She never thought she’d see him again and she was overcome with joy at her brother’s face.

He didn’t give her anytime to ask he just jumped into it, “I’m so sorry Caroline. All those years ago I was wrong. You were just like me…you are. Merlin he showed me that just like you said. I looked for you everyday, but I never saw you again. I always wanted to apologize for acting the way I did…I was blind and I’m so sorry. The things I thought were wrong. I know that now. And I know you’ll never be able to forgive me…but I am sorry.”

I turn and look at him, tears pouring form my eyes. He’s sorry. He is actually sorry. I’d never even been mad. I’d always just wished I could go back and see him one more time. One more. I’d always hated knowing he died not even thinking about me. Not caring. But I see that he did. He did care. He does. He looked for me…he just never found me. I sigh and wipe my tears away, giving him a big smile.

"I was never angry. I knew you would find your path but I also knew I couldn’t help you, but it’s nice to know taht you actually did think about me after that day…I always worried that you died hating me…not even caring."

"I could never hate you."

"Neither could I."

"I’m sorry."

"Don’t be. And I have a surprise for you."


"…Merlin is still alive. I can take you to him."

He smiles and nods big, “I’d like that.” she slings her shoulder over his neck. 

"I missed you."


"Stop." she whispered to her brother trying to grab his arm, he turned around and put his sword into his belt, "Please listen to me Arthur. I’m your sister. Don’t I at least deserve that?"

"I can’t listen to this Caroline. You’re a monster and I can’t give up my people to be your prey." he says a hurt look in his eyes. He was truly sorry to be pushing his little sister away…it felt like Morgana all over again, but she was a monster. A vampire and he couldn’t let his people be subjected to that. They were not her food.

"They’re my people too. I am still a person. I didn’t choose this. I didn’t want this. How can you blame me for this? Don’t be our father. You’re better than he was. You can bring about a whole new era, where humans and magical beings live in peace. You don’t have to push me away."

"Caroline, I can’t do that. Magic and humanity were never supposed to exist together at all. And I have to keep them separate."

"You’re just like him. Dammit Arthur you don’t even see it do you? I’m still your sister. I’m always gonna be your sister. There are so many magical beings who want to see you rise higher than anyone before you. They think that you will bring peace. And do you know why they think that?"


"Because of me. And Merlin. And even Morgana. They trust you not to make the same mistake our father did. You have so many mgcial people in your life. Can you really stand before me and tell me that all of us are evil."


"Yes…Merlin and he risks his life everyday to serve you because he truly does love you. You are his best friend and he believes in you. Try believing in him." With that she walks away. Knowing one day her bother will do the right thing by everyone. For Merlin’s sake.


AU: After chasing Caroline, Claudia finally is able to convince her that going with Klaus is best thing for her, and the people that she loves. 


One night Mirra catches Arthur Starring.